Fashion is such an ephemeral business that to make waves in this industry is one thing, but to make a lasting impact is something else altogether. Australian fashion has had to overcome the great Aussie cringe factor, our hangover from our convict ancestry. The Brits used to look down their noses at us and the yanks thought that we were surrounded by giant kangaroos. Iconic must be the most over used and poorly applied term in the world but let us consider who are the great Australian fashion designers.

Iconic Aussie Fashion Designers

Fashion is about frippery and Tule, so forgive me if I do not approach this topic with knee bending gravitas. Dressing the successful and the wealthy is, however, no more light weight than playing cricket for Australia, especially since the ball tampering incident. Alex Perry must be atop our list of great Australian fashion designers, especially as he is a consummate self-promoter. This business is all about getting noticed after all. Alex began back in 1992 in Kensington, Sydney. Glamour dressing is his signature and he has sold frocks to a bevy of international celebrities. Like the cat that got the cream, his Cheshire grin can be seen all over fashion week every year.

New Designs Open Doors in the Fashion World

Fashion and beauty are developing higher standards in the 21C, according to some in the industry. Collette Dinnigan is a designer with principles and staying power to be included in this list of iconic Aussie fashion designers. Her lingerie and outfits have covered some sought-after behinds, both here and globally. Lacey dresses and bridal wear are part of her acclaimed body of work. Kym Ellery is a Perth-born designer, who has achieved substantial success using innovative textures developed in Switzerland and Italy. New designs open doors in the fashion world.

Wildfire Among the Fashion Loving Community

Toni Maticevski has seen his creations and brand lauded around the world. For nearly two decades he has stood at the upper echelon of iconic Aussie fashion designers. His work with renowned dance companies has provided another stage to show off his beautiful designs. Social media remains a major component of the fashion realm, as it spreads the message like wildfire among the fashion loving community. Fashion would not be the same without Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, it would not have the same global reach it now has to all corners of the planet.