Well, it is another new year to find out about what is making headlines in fashion and beauty in 2018. Fashions come and go, but beauty is a perennial, and together they make something very special. The crazy state of play for those of us living down under, is that whilst the spring fashions are making waves in the northern hemisphere we are enjoying autumn. Bold patterns are strutting the catwalks in London, along with pastels to celebrate the nascent beginnings of spring. Satin sashayed onto the runway, clinging to the lithe figures of models.

Exciting Fashion Trends in 2018

The fashion business is growing online and portals are popping up to showcase global fashion trends. In Milan, it was party and fiesta to the fore, with lots of threads hanging about to dangle provocatively. Japonica made an appearance, with kimono style outfits in bold colours a big hit. Tule was, also, on the menu; and you need long legs to carry these creations off. In contrast, another theme was utilitarian gear for the woman who carries many things. New York spruiked Americana fashions to make Donald Trump smile. In addition, anoraks are back in a big way, with these practical parkas getting a glam makeover. Hip hugging jeans with a swanky jacket for casual attire. Bold bright colours in pant suits and designer dresses made a statement too.

Beauty Demands More than Stylish Clothes

Beauty demands more than stylish clothes. A good complexion and beautiful smile are perennials for women and models alike. Diet, exercise, and good health are prerequisites in the modelling business. Health consciousness pervades the beauty industry like never before. Young girls all over the planet are jogging, going to the gym, and eating healthy food. Vibrancy is the order of the day for conceptions of beauty in the 21C. The glum, emo, bag of bones look is definitely out.

Slicked Back Hair & Clean Lines

Vogue magazine in the UK tells us that corporate chic is in. Slicked back hair and clean lines accentuate that complexion and beautiful smile. Power lips and super lashes are, also, on the agenda to contrast that pulled back hair and lots of visible facial skin. Paintbox brights and glitterbug add to the whole effect. Skin is in, with the healthy radiance thing coming to the fore. Red hair on models was another observable feature of the 2018 fashion show scene. Bold colours atop are the way to go.